European Research Programme (ERP)

European Research Programme (ERP)

The ERP, headed by Liz Fekete, carries out research on racism and fascism in Europe, with a particular focus on Islamophobia, nativism, anti-Roma and anti-refugee racism. Structural violence at the border, institutional neglect of asylum seekers in detention centre, far-Right violence and the police response, have emerged in recent years as the key areas for ERP research.

This programme was established in 1992 and, till 2010, published sixty-nine issues of the European Race Bulletin, case-based documentation studies on all aspects of racism and racial justice in Europe. It has pioneered new critical understandings in key areas: xeno-racism, Islamophobia, nativism and anti-Muslim racism.
Liz Fekete lectures at a number of European universities, advises inter-state bodies, publishers, authors and students as well as the media. The ERP carries out outreach work with NGOs and community organisations to strengthen initiatives for civil rights and racial justice.

Ongoing publishing
Regular research reports are published as European Briefing Papers downloadable from the website. To keep up to date with current European case-studies and research programmes, subscribe to IRR News.

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The European Race Bulletin 1992­­­-2010 can be accessed using the search engine on the IRR website. The proceedings of two 2010 seminars on Islamophobia and progressive values and Islamophobia and the anti-terrorist laws can also be downloaded.

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