Race & Class

Race & Class is the IRR’s quarterly journal on racism, empire and globalisation. For more than three decades, it has established a reputation for the breadth of its analysis, its global outlook and its multidisciplinary approach. Further information on the Race & Class publication

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  • Race & Class, April 2024

    The April 2024 issue of Race & Class contains cutting-edge articles on the criminal legal system, adding to a growing number of voices and campaigns rejecting the normalisation of systemic injustice in the courts. 
  • Race & Class, January 2024

    The lead article in the January 2024 issue of  Race & Class shows how the development of drug policing strategies to identify those ‘at risk’ of involvement in ‘county lines’ targets and stigmatises young black men. Other articles include an analysis of policies of deliberate disablement and debilitation in Palestine between 2018-2019, sectarianism as racism in Turkey and a case of social mobilisation to save public housing in Chicago. 
  • Race & Class, October 2023

    The October 2023 issue of  Race & Class provides a cutting-edge analysis of the British ‘War on Woke’, as well as the role of ethnic minorities in the Conservative party.  
  • Race & Class, July 2023

    The July 2023 special issue of Race & Class, guest-edited by the IRR’s Chair John Narayan, brings together key contributions from the IRR50 conference New Circuits of Antiracism – and beyond – highlighting debates on abolition, reparations, internationalism and racial capitalism.
  • Race & Class, April 2023

    The April issue of Race & Class offers a challenge to how Europe is understood and explores the origins and impacts of civilisational racism.
  • Race & Class, January 2023

    The January 2023 issue of Race & Class contains two key articles tracing the life, work and activism of Len Johnson in the 1940s and ’50s and Pearl Prescod in the 1950s and ’60s. They are pulled from the historical margins and recentred as radical agents of history that changed the shape of British society.
  • Race & Class, October 2022

    The October issue of Race & Class traces transnational connections: the repression of Black Power in Britain and the Caribbean; the offshoring of refugees from Denmark to Rwanda; and culture wars travelling from the US to the UK.
  • Racism, Radicalisation and Europe's Thin Blue Line cover

    Race & Class, July 2022

    Liz Fekete warns of a deepening ‘culture of extremism’ amongst police officers across Europe, highlighting numerous cases of racist and misogynistic attitudes and far right entryism amongst police officers.
  • Race & Class, April 2022

    The April issue marks fifty years since the radical transformation of the IRR.
  • Race & Class, January 2022

    The January 2022 issue of Race & Class includes key interventions that seek to understand the workings of racial capitalism, digital colonialism and the ecological devastation they wreak, as well as crucial insights on ways out of the ‘global organic crisis’.
  • Race & Class, October 2021

    The lead article of the October 2021 charts new ground showing how gender and reproduction are now key dividing lines in European racism, with global implications.
  • A photo of a fire in Gauteng, South Africa, where residents set foreigners’ shacks on fire in a xenophobic attack in 2008.

    Race & Class, July 2021


    Neoliberalism, Nativism and Power

    Contributions to the July 2021 issue of Race & Class grapple with the violence of neoliberalism, the workings of racial capitalism, the normalisation of xenophobia from Sangatte to Soweto and the bases for forging necessary unities of struggle.