Race & Class, July 2023


The July 2023 special issue of Race & Class, guest-edited by the IRR’s Chair John Narayan, brings together key contributions from the IRR50 conference New Circuits of Antiracism – and beyond – highlighting debates on abolition, reparations, internationalism and racial capitalism.

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Press Release

Editorial by John Narayan  


IRR50 and the revolutionary act: ‘We are here to recommit’ by Jenny Bourne and Colin Prescod  

Influence of A. Sivanandan 

New Times or new circuits: recovering Sivanandan’s political economy by John Narayan 

From memory to a re-imagining; learning from Sivanandan by Priya Guns  

Towards a theory of radical kinship by Miriyam Aouragh


Radical internationalism and shifts in the global order by Avery F. Gordon 

Stitching together the threads of internationalism: London in anti-imperial organising by Akram Salhab 

Does the US owe reparations to Somalia? by Jason C. Mueller

Abolition and policing  

Connecting the dots in systems of domination and violence: a conversation by Barbara Ransby and Derecka Purnell 

Abolishing institutional racism by Adam Elliott- Cooper 

UK anti-racism today 

Anti-racist organising today: a roundtable discussion by Sophia Siddiqui 

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