Fatalities and racism

Fatalities and racism

In conjunction with IRR News and the European Race Progamme, we are undertaking a number of rolling research projects to collate the extent of and analyse trends in deaths which are in one way or another connected to state and/or popular racism. The research results are published via regular online reports and briefing papers, as well as noted bi-weekly in our regular calendar of racism and resistance. Ongoing cases are also reported on IRR News.

Deaths in custody: Examines suspicious deaths which take place in the custody of prisons, special hospitals and in encounters with the police; the ensuing inquests into such deaths and subsequent disciplining or punishment of those involved.

Deaths related to racial violence: The most extreme cases of racial attack can result in a loss of life. This project examines all those cases which appear to be linked to racial violence, the conduct of the police, prosecuting authorities, any subsequent trial and conviction.

Deaths of asylum seekers: Those trying to reach Europe to seek asylum or those refused asylum are, because of laws and government policies, amongst the most vulnerable. Their deaths often go unmarked and unchallenged. This research tries to monitor such deaths and any subsequent action by the authorities.

Recent publications and reports include: