Exposing the new McCarthyism

Exposing the new McCarthyism

A Suitable Enemy: Racism, Migration and Islamophobia in Europe deserves a slow and careful reading.

Liz Fekete reaches into the unique archives of knowledge that she has personally accumulated together with the Institute of Race Relations over decades and provides a clear, detailed and insightful road map for those who want to navigate and understand where, how and why current executive actions are reproducing once again the extreme and terrifying vices of McCarthyism in the USA and beyond and fascism in Europe.

Her analysis provides chapter and verse of the interlinking actions taken by a range of countries and economic unions and helps us understand in particular how the worst patterns of legislation and executive action in the UK feed into and are fed by those of other jurisdictions.

For any student of the world we inhabit today, this work of extraordinary thoroughness and clear, passionate moral insight provides a primer of unparalleled utility.

Chapters include:

  • The Emergence of Xeno-racism
  • Anti-Muslim Racism and the Security State
  • Enlightened Fundamentalism? Immigration, Feminism and the Right
  • The New McCarthyism
  • The Deportation Machine
  • ‘Speech Crime’ and Deportation
  • They Are Children Too
  • Islamophobia, Youth Resistance and the Meaning of Liberty

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