Briefing Papers - Europe

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  • Briefing Paper no. 6

    State intelligence agencies and the far Right: A review of developments in Germany, Hungary and Austria examines the security services’ approach to the far Right and finds that far from clamping down on growing fascism, some of the tactics of security services are enhancing conditions for its growth. Download a free copy
  • Pedlars of Hate: the violent impact of the European far Right

    Brings together over 100 cases, mostly from EU countries, but also Switzerland and Norway, which documents patterns of violence, from the peddling of hate online and the drawing up of lists of ‘national traitors’, to violence, arson and murder on the streets, and the stockpiling of weapons in preparation for ‘race war’. Download a free copy
  • Briefing Paper no. 5

    Breivik, the conspiracy theory and the Oslo massacre provides the background and context of the extreme and aberrant actions of Anders Behring Breivik, perpetrator of a gruesome massacre on 22 July which claimed the lives of seventy-seven people, in two attacks, the first on government buildings in central Oslo, the second on the tiny island of Utøya, thirty-eight kilometres from Oslo.   Download a free copy
  • Islamophobia and progressive values

    Islamophobia and progressive values draws attention to the specific role that a discourse on progressive values is playing in shaping Islamophobia. Download a free copy