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  • Briefing Paper No. 3

     The background to the French parliamentary commission on the burqa and niqab examines how André Gerin, the Communist Party mayor of Vénissieux, ignited the debate on the voile intégral in a country where, it is estimated, that a total of 2,000 women wear the burqa. Download free copy
  • Briefing Paper No. 2

    Direct democracy, racism and the extreme Right documents forty cases, involving either petitions or citizens' initiative referenda, that have been held to curtail the basic rights of BME communities, asylum seekers, migrant workers, foreign residents and European Muslims. Download free copy
  • Briefing Paper No. 1

    The Swiss referendum on minarets: background and aftermath provides comprehensive documentation of the Swiss referendum on 29 November 2009 which was was backed by a strong majority as it became the first country in Europe to vote to curb the religious practices of Muslims, banning the construction of minarets on mosques. Download free copy
  • European Race Bulletin no. 69

    The Autumn 2009 issue of the European Race Bulletin comprises a detailed article on 'Foreign nationals, enemy penology and the criminal justice system' plus reports on the recent elections and the Swiss referendum on minarets. Download a free copy