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  • Briefing Paper no. 10

    The briefing paper, Unwanted, Unnoticed: an audit of 160 asylum and immigration-related deaths in Europe, by Reem Abu-Hayyeh and Frances Webber, documents the asylum and immigration-related deaths of migrants in Europe over the past five years. 
  • Briefing Paper no. 9

    Sweden's counter-extremism model and the stigmatising of anti-racism critiques the Swedish model of countering the far Right and asks why Sweden's ministry of justice is increasingly at loggerheads with a younger generation's anti-racist values.   Download a free copy
  • Briefing Paper no. 8

    Exit from White Supremacism: the accountability gap within Europe’s de-radicalisation programmes highlights issues with European Exit programmes. Download a free copy
  • Briefing Paper no. 7

    From pillar to post: pan-European racism and the Roma documents a growing tide of hostility against Europe’s Romani communities.   Download a free copy