Audio: Race & Class collaborates with Surviving Society podcast

Audio: Race & Class collaborates with Surviving Society podcast

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To mark the special issue, Race, Mental Health, State Violence, Race & Class has released a five episode podcast collaboration with Surviving Society. Guest-edited by Monish Bhatia and Eddie Bruce-Jones, the issue shows how race, mental health and state violence intersect – in places of detention and incarceration, on the street, in mental health institutions, in counter-extremism policies and in the home.

The podcast series begins with an introduction to the history of IRR with Director Liz Fekete and follows with four episodes on the special issue. The IRR and Race & Class would like to thank Surviving Society co-hosts Chantelle Lewis & Tissot Regis and producer George Ofori-Addo for their work on this important collaboration.

1. Liz Fekete: A brief history of the Institute of Race Relations

Liz outlines some of the key moments in the IRR’s history. We discuss both the historical and contemporary role of the institute as specified by the late A. Sivanandan, and Liz provides some important reflections and hopeful possibilities about our present-day political culture.


2. Eddie Bruce-Jones: Deaths in custody & the Angiolini Review

TW: personal & public histories of deaths in custody
Race & Class guest editor Eddie Bruce-Jones discusses the groundings of the special issue and provides us with an overview of the recommendations of the Angiolini Review – the first official review of practices and processes related to and following police related deaths in the UK.


3. Tarek Younis: The psychologisation of counter-extremism, unpacking PREVENT

TW: institutional racism & islamophobia
Tarek provides listeners with a brief history of PREVENT and explores how public bodies are ‘trained’ to identify ‘at risk’ individuals in the war on terror. We discuss the racialisation of Muslims, ‘colourblindness’ and how Britain has ‘managed’ dissent.


4. Monish Bhatia: Racial surveillance & electronic monitoring

Race & Class guest editor Monish Bhatia outlines the history and contemporary use of electronic monitoring (tagging) for criminal sentencing and punishment which was extended under the Asylum and Immigration Act s36 to ‘immigration controls’ of ‘high risk’ individuals.


5. Vanessa E. Thompson: Policing & abolitionist intersectional care

Vanessa E. Thompson discusses themes surrounding the policing of black lives from her Race & Class article, ‘Policing in Europe: disability justice and abolitionist intersectional care’.

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The Institute of Race Relations is precluded from expressing a corporate view: any opinions expressed are therefore those of the authors.

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