Witness against torture

Witness against torture

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Written by: IRR News Team

The October 2016 of Race & Class leads with two very timely and politically-provoking articles on the international impact of securitisation.

Chandra Russo (of Colgate University, US) explores, through the protests of the group Witness Against Torture, how solidarity with those detained at Guantánamo has been maintained on US streets and how the plight of detainees can be linked to that of Black communities in the US ‘interior’. This can be downloaded free of charge for a limited time here. Joschka Fröschner writes on the way that development aid (taking an example from Germany) is now, under the impacts of neoliberalism and the war on terror, being channelled towards border control in the name of reducing security risk. He argues that this is not conventional development at all but better understood as biopolitics, or what he terms ‘the politics of pre-emption’. Read more from this analysis on the Race & Class blog, here.

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