Where is my family?

Where is my family?

Written by: Harmit Athwal

A Sudanese asylum seeker, 39-year-old Tariq Abdulrahman Mohammed, who is currently detained in Bijlmerbajes deportation prison in Amsterdam, is desperate to find his wife and children, whom he last saw when he was in the UK – before he was deported back to the Netherlands.

Tariq and his family had lived in the Netherlands for six years as asylum seekers. The whole family travelled to the UK a few years ago and lived here for about six months. However, Tariq came to the attention of the Immigration Service, was detained and then deported back to the Netherlands where he has been held since the beginning of this year. Tariq is being detained pending his deportation from the Netherlands. He is desperate to find his family with whom he has lost touch.

Can you help?

If anyone has any knowledge of his 29-year-old wife Asama Suleman and his daughters, Map Mustafa, 7-years-old and 3-year-old May Mustafa, please contact IRR News. Tariq last saw them in Bristol in October 2003. He thinks they are homeless and possibly living in a church somewhere in the UK. If you can help with any information, please email IRR News.

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