‘We are more’

‘We are more’


Written by: Apaziz and NSU Watch

An appeal from German anti-fascists, received via Apaziz

‘We are more’ – and we need your help to prevent more racist mobilizations and violence and Chemnitz and elsewhere in Saxony.

Chemnitz and Saxony is not only home to the largest militant and organised neo-Nazi and racist movement in Germany, it is also home to an active network of anti-racist and anti-fascist groups which have been supporting refugees, migrants and other victims of racist and right-wing violence for the past twenty years. Together with refugee and migrant groups and a cross section of civil society we have countered the attempts of the extreme Right to dominate social and political structures throughout the state of Saxony.

We now need your support.

Please, contact the Federal German Minister of the Interior as well as the Department of the interior of the State of Saxony via social media and demand:

  1. that the State takes adequate measures to protect refugees and migrants against racist violence in Germany
  2. that the State authorities, the police and the judiciary act appropriately and immediately if Hitler salutes and other symbols of National Socialism are shown in public.

Please use the following #Chemnitz #c2708 #c2608

You can reach the Federal Minister of Interior via twitter: @BMI_Bund

You can reach the Saxonian Minister of Interior via twitter:


We are well aware that racist mobilisations are escalating  all over Europe – but we believe, just as the extreme Right is thriving on every international success, that together ‘we are more’.

If you want to get in contact  with local anti-racists:

@_C_Nazifrei @RAASachsen @apabiz


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2 thoughts on “‘We are more’

  1. I have just returned from speaking at a commemoration event for euthanasia victims in Brandenburg ( a small town near Berlin where the first euthanasia victims were gassed). 2 of the local AFL Deputies were there (uninvited), laying a wreath! Nobody from the organisation stopped them. Fortunately, there were 3 young men there carrying a banner which said some thing like: Get out AFD. I and 2 others went to stand besides them but many in the audience seemed to fear them and not the AFD deputies. Nazism is becoming increasingly tolerated in Germany, not just in Chemnitz.. We need to give all the support we can to all anti-Nazi mobilizations.

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