Vigil for Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah

Vigil for Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah


Written by: IRR News Team

On Friday 20 December campaigners will hold a vigil in High Wycombe to mark the birthday of Habib Ullah who died in police custody in July 2008.

Habib Ullah’s wife, mother, children and siblings will be joined at High Wycombe police station by families of others killed in police custody including that of Leon Briggs, who recently died in police custody in Luton, and those affected by policing recently in High Wycombe.

Habib’s family are still waiting for a new inquest into his death to be held after the first was halted in December 2010 (read an IRR News story: ‘Sudden about turn in Habib Ullah case’) following revelations that police officers had altered their statements following legal advice and an application by the Independent Police Complaints Commission that it wished to re-open its investigation into the five police officers involved in Habib’s death.

Following a demonstration outside the London offices of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) last week, Habib’s sister, Nasrit Mahmood said: ‘The family are still awaiting a decision from the IPCC to refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service three years after a failed inquest, and we have recently joined with other families to write to put pressure on them and the CPS. In the meantime it continues to be very hard for us as we go into 2014 – his youngest son still asks when his Daddy will be coming home.’

The Justice for Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah Campaign has also organised three meetings over the last six months on the policing of local communities and assisted six people to submit complaints to the police. The Justice4Paps Campaign is calling for a public inquiry into local policing to address community concerns in an ‘open and transparent forum’.

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