The Sivanandan website

The Sivanandan website

Press Release

Written by: Institute of Race Relations


The IRR is delighted to release a new online archive of A. Sivanandan’s writings, speeches, essays, aphorisms and reviews, spanning six decades.

The archive section of the website features a catalogued bibliography of Siva’s works, from the 1960s through to the 2010s. It contains seminal essays such as RAT and the degradation of black struggle, plus rare speeches and tributes to black power leaders and writing contemporaries.

The site also contains archival video clips of interviews, TV reports and speeches as well as as a number of Sivanandan’s most famous aphorisms and phrases. You can also learn more about Siva’s incredible life – from his beginnings in colonial Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) to his migration to Britain and his leadership of the IRR and editorship of the journal Race & Class.

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