The Register of Racism and Resistance

The Register of Racism and Resistance

Press Release

Written by: Institute of Race Relations

The IRR is pleased to launch the Register of Racism and Resistance (RRR), a unique searchable database that documents key developments in racism and community action since 2014.

The RRR database contains over seven year’s worth of the IRR’s Calendar of Racism and Resistance entries across themes including policing, the far right, asylum and migration, racial violence, health and electoral politics in the UK and Europe. To trace a case, know a trend, make European comparisons, learn from struggles – all are possible now with this new and accessible tool.

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RRR Launch event

On 31 March 2022, the IRR held an online participatory event to launch this important resource as well as provide a space to reflect on how keeping a record of racism forms a crucial part of anti-racist struggle.

The event traced the IRR’s historical legacy of keeping a record of racism – from the anti-racist magazine CARF (Campaign against Racism and Fascism) published from 1991-2003, to the fortnightly publication of our calendar of racism and resistance on IRR News.

The RRR has been created with the support of Resourcing Racial Justice and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The RRR is part of a series of events and activities we are holding this year as part of #IRR50 – to mark the 50th anniversary of the radical transformation of the IRR. In 2022, join us to celebrate our history, present and future. Find out more about IRR50

The Institute of Race Relations is precluded from expressing a corporate view: any opinions expressed are therefore those of the authors.

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