The human rights of migrants and refugees

The human rights of migrants and refugees


Written by: IRR News Team

The IRR provides evidence of the continued assault on human rights inherent within recent developments in asylum and migration law and policy.

In a presentation to the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, in January 2016, IRR vice-chair and former immigration barrister Frances Webber documents the ongoing erosion of accountability in the field of migration and asylum.

As the evidence shows, this erosion of accountability is taking place in conjunction with a broader instrumentalisation of welfare and the coercion of complicity in violation of fundamental human rights.

Download a copy of the evidence here. (pdf file, 452 kb)


IRR report: Unwanted, unnoticed: an audit of 160 asylum and immigration related deaths in Europe

IRR briefing paper: Europe’s pariah state? The future of human rights in Britain

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