The fight over ESOL continues

The fight over ESOL continues


Written by: Sian Samad

The Save ESOL Campaign comprising, over 50 organisations, marches on 28 April against the recent cuts to English classes for immigrants and asylum seekers.

The march is to highlight the fact that many migrant workers and refugees need these English classes in order to play a full part in society. The campaigners want the ESOL classes to stay free, which will allow a larger percentage of the migrant population to access English learning. They are also fighting for the right for asylum seekers to immediately have access to English classes rather than the six-month waiting time.

A march will take place in London on Saturday 28 April 2007, see link for further details.

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One thought on “The fight over ESOL continues

  1. While the campaign to save ESOL is important, the even greater injustice is the introduction of the requirement to pass the English and Life in the UK tests when applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Without having passed these tests no-one will be granted indefinite leave to remain. This regulation was introduced on 2 April. Further injustices are to follow including the requirement that in order for a marriage to be recognised for the purposes of obtaining a spouse visa to enter the UK the marriage must have been entered into when the parties were aged 21. We are campaigning against these requirements in Bradford and would like to hear from others who are also campaigning. The effects of the regulations on individuals and families are ruinous.

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