The dispersal of xenophobia – a new report from the IRR

The dispersal of xenophobia – a new report from the IRR

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Written by: Liz Fekete

According to research by the Institute of Race Relations’ European Race Audit the policy of dispersing asylum seekers, now being introduced into the UK and Ireland, but already practised in other European countries for some years, effectively means the dispersal of xenophobia.

The outcry by residents of Over Stowey, Somerset, against a proposed asylum hostel and the racist violence against asylum seekers in Hull are not isolated phenomena. IRR’s research shows that a deep-rooted xenophobia has risen to the surface in rural, coastal and port areas of Europe as governments and political parties use the asylum debate for electoral gain.

By utilising the language of deterrence, failing to consult locally and refusing to make adequate social provision, national governments are laying the ground for heightened prejudice. Focusing on case studies of the UK, the Netherlands and Ireland, the report shows how the new state-sponsored xenophobia overlaid on old forms of racism, creates an explosive combination.

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Download the report (pdf file, 82kb)

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  1. The comment about the fundamentalist nature of the Bush world-view is spot on. No evidence filters through into neo-conservative minds which contradicts their self-image as liberators and spreaders of democracy. When the Shia tell the USA to go home, the majority of the Iraqi people are dismissed as Iranian puppets. Garner claims he wants no “outside interference” in Iraq! When American troops are shot at because they are perceived as an occupation, the Republicans claim the shooting is done by religious fanatics or Saddam supporters. Like any other imperialist power, the USA justifies its actions by assuming its superiority and by discourses of deceit. However, the hopeful point is that around the world there are millions of us who can easily see through the hypocritical lies of the US government.

  2. I can’t resist sending part of a Very Long Poem as comment. It was written on the day of the innauguration when I turned on the tv hopeing to be in time for the assasination. America fits the bald eagle with a wig Lifts the face of democracy Tucks the tummy Covers the ears that listen to reason Shades the eyes that notice the season Has changed America is courting disaster America is engaged in conflict America is getting married to itself America is divorced from reality America is suing itself for half the horse America comes up with a settlement Takes stock Sells shares Creams off the dreams Shows interest in indices Follows the market Rates the exchange And banks the spoils

  3. A simple question for the author. Could he care to outline another scenario for the removal of a regime at the moral level of the pre holocaust Nazis which would have cost fewer Iraqi lives? I know Iraqi refugees who are now planning their return to a country rid of its dictator. That the left did not make the defeat of Saddam an anti fascist struggle will be eternally to its shame.

  4. I concur with Nick. I think it says a great deal for humanity when people from countries across the world unite to overthrow a dictator and his abusive, violent and selfish regime and allow the people of Iraq to take back the right to live their lives within their traditions and customs and which allows some civilised form of democracy to evolve which protects the rights of the country’s citizens. My only concern will come when any abuse of power takes place where capitalist notions or ideals are being forced upon the people of any race or nationality by the USA as this would only serve to evidence itself in a more subversive type of dictatorship. But then again, perhaps I am naive and overly idealistic.

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