The anti-Muslim backlash begins

The anti-Muslim backlash begins

Written by: IRR News Team

In the hours after the bombings in London, the backlash began. Innocent people, as in the bombings, were targeted in what appear to be racially motivated attacks.

  • 13 July 2005: Guardian reports that a schoolboy has been attacked in the West Country. (Guardian 13.7.05)
  • 12 July 2005: A 16-year-old Asian boy suffers head and facial injuries after an unprovoked attack by a White man. The young boy was walking with an 11-year-old friend on Leith Walk in Edinburgh when they were racially abused and then attacked by the White man. (BBC News 13.7.05)
  • 12 July 2005: Independent reports that there have been acts of arson and criminal damage in mosques in Leeds and Telford.
  • 12 July 2005: Guardian reports that the BNP has produced a leaflet for a by-election in Barking, east London, with images from the London bombings and the words ‘maybe now it’s time to start listening to the BNP’. (Guardian 12.7.05)
  • 12 July 2005: Glasgow Herald reports that the door of the Pakistan consulate in Bradford was damaged after an arson attack; a 27-year-old man was later arrested. (Glasgow Herald 12.7.05)
  • 12 July 2005: BBC News reports that Bournemouth Islamic centre has received three death threats since the London bombings. (BBC News 12.7.05)
  • 11 July 2005: The home of a Muslim family is torched in a suspected arson attack in Torquay. The family are not at home when the fire is started.
  • 10 July 2005: 48-year-old Kamal Raza Butt, a Pakistani man who is visiting friends and family in Nottingham, is set upon by a gang of White youths. He is allegedly called ‘Taliban’ and then punched to the ground and dies later in hospital. Two 16-year-old youths are charged with his manslaughter, seven others are baailed pending further inquiries. (BBC News 13.7.05)
  • 10 July 2005: The Islamic Centre in Rose Lane, Norwich, is vandalised in a racist attack; four windows are damaged. Police arrest two women at the scene, aged 23 and 26, who are later released on bail. (Eastern Daily Press 13.7.05)
  • 10 July 2005: A 20-year-old Muslim student from the United Arab Emirates is racially abused, chased and threatened with a knife by three men in the Charminster area of Bournemouth. (BBC News 13.7.05)
  • 9 July 2005: Independent reports that a fire at a Sikh temple in Armley, Leeds, is being treated as suspicious; Kent police are investigating two assaults on Muslim men in Dartford.
  • 9 July 2005: Six windows are broken at a mosque in Easton, Bristol. (Muslim News 10.7.05)
  • 9 July 2005: Abdul Munim is rescued by fire-fighters from the Shajala mosque in Birkenhead, Liverpool, after two White men pour petrol through its letter box and set it alight at 12.35am. The mosque is badly damaged. A 27-year-old man is arrested. (Independent 12.7.05)
  • 9 July 2005: The windows at Mazhirul Uloom Educational and Cultural Institution, east London, are smashed. (Muslim News 10.7.05)
  • 8 July 2005: Al Madina Jamia mosque in Leeds is petrol bombed at 2am; it causes minor damage and no one is hurt. (Muslim News 10.7.05)
  • 8 July 2005: Stones are thrown at a mosque in Totterdown, Bristol. No damage is caused and no one is hurt. (Muslim News 10.7.05)
  • 7 July 2005: Two bottles containing an accelerant are thrown through the windows of a Sikh temple in Belvedere, Kent. The bottles do not ignite. Police arrest five men in the Bexleyheath area two days after the attack. (Greenwich Mercury 13.7.05 )
  • 7 July 2005: An Asian woman from Hayes, Middlesex, reports an attempted arson attack after she finds petrol has been poured through her door. (Independent 11.7.05)
  • 7 July 2005: An Asian family from Southall report an attempted arson attack. (Independent 11.7.05)
  • 7 July 2005: Sha Jalal mosque and the Pakistan Community and Cultural Centre in Edinburgh are daubed in racist graffiti. (Edinburgh Evening News 13.7.05)

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