Tell us what you think: Calendar of Racism and Resistance

Tell us what you think: Calendar of Racism and Resistance

Press Release

Written by: IRR News Team


In the last few weeks, we’ve had some lovely feedback and enthusiasm about the work the IRR does in producing our Calendar of Racism and Resistance. We are absolutely delighted to learn that people find it such a vital resource for strategising, researching and campaigning.

However, we urgently need some further support and feedback from you to keep the calendar going.

It takes a huge amount of work by staff and volunteers to produce the Calendar in its present format – as a result, our capacity is pushed to its limit.

So we’re asking for your help as we explore the best ways to keep the calendar going. There are a number of things you can do:

Take our calendar survey

We’re launching a short survey to collect thoughts on the Calendar of Racism and Resistance so we can better understand who uses it and why. Please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey>

Leave your details to enter our prize draw to win one of ten IRR tote bags plus an edition of Race & Class!

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Become a friend of the IRR
We set ourselves a target to raise £50,000 this year from our supporters. This would help IRR as a whole, but also assist in the compilation of the Calendar. You can make a one-off donation or take out a regular standing order.

Get in touch
As we explore changes and improvements for the calendar, we’re open to hearing from people from funded organisations, research bodies, activist networks and other institutions to share thoughts and ideas on how we can support this vital resource. If you’d like to talk to us, please mention and leave your contact details when completing the survey

We are 100% committed to keeping the work of the Calendar of Racism and Resistance going. Even if we can’t do so in its existing format, we are committed to find other ways of getting the information out there to you. Your feedback – and any financial support you can give us – will help us meet our commitments to you and the communities we serve.


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