Tayman Bahmani – racially murdered

Tayman Bahmani – racially murdered


Written by: Arun Kundnani

Yesterday a young Iranian asylum seeker was racially murdered on the streets of Sunderland.

Tayman Bahmani, aged 28, was stabbed at about 3.30pm on Peel Street, Sunderland, and died a few hours later in a local hospital. As yet no one has been arrested for the incident. He had been in the United Kingdom for only two years, having fled Iran for fear of his life.

Tayman’s friends and family believe that this attack was racially motivated, as Tayman had often complained of previous racial harassment but no one responded to his pleas.

As we write this report a large number of Tayman’s friends are marching towards Sunderland Police Station to demand action against racists and ask why they did not take action before.

Tayman’s friends are also organizing a vigil tomorrow – Friday 30th August at the spot where Tayman was murdered.

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