Student campaign leads to stay on deportation

Student campaign leads to stay on deportation

Written by: Fizza Qureshi

A coalition of students and anti-deportation campaigners have rallied together and helped Abrahim Rahimi win the right to a judicial review of his asylum claim.

A young Afghan man, Abrahim Rahimi, has just won the right to a judicial review of the Home Office decision to refuse to accept new evidence in his new asylum claim.

A local campaign helped collect twelve hundred signatures with the help of students at Christ Church College and Langton Boys and Girls school and by the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns, which were presented to the Councillor Ron Pepper, leader of Labour Group on Canterbury City Council. The councillor wrote to the Immigration Minister Tony McNulty to review his decision of Abrahim’s asylum claim.

Abrahim had been studying English at Christ Church College in Canterbury while awaiting his asylum claim. During his studies he was detained after he reported to the centre in Folkestone to sign in. His detention led to a protest by students and lecturers from the college. He has since been provided with support from the Natfhe Branch Secretary, Dr Dennis Hayes.

Abrahim arrived in the UK in 2002 from Afghanistan, after his father, the Interior Minister for the Communist Party, was murdered by the Northern Alliance.

At present, Abrahim has a stay on his deportation and he hopes to continue studying car mechanics at college in September.

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