Statewatching Europe

Statewatching Europe


Written by: IRR News Team

Next weekend, Statewatch, the renowned organisation that examines civil liberties and the state across Europe will be holding its twentieth anniversary conference.

Statewatch, despite its small but committed staff, punches above its weight and is a consistent source of information on what the state and its agents are up to. It produces the Statewatch journal, a weekly online new service and its website is a valuable source of information.

The twentieth anniversary conference, ‘Statewatching Europe, Civil Liberties, the State and the European Union’ will bring together key analysts and campaigners across Europe to discuss emerging trends.

Speakers include, Gareth Peirce on ‘The war on terror’ and Statewatch founder Tony Bunyan will speak about the ‘The state of Europe’. There will also be workshops on:

  • Border controls, migration and asylum
  • Mass surveillance and technologies of control
  • Criminalising communities and the policing of protest
  • Racism, Islamophobia and the far-right
  • Defending civil liberties: strategies of resistance

The conference will take place on Saturday 25 June 2011 and you can register here.

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Download a flyer about the work of Statewatch (pdf file, 2.2mb)

Conference: ‘Statewatching Europe, Civil Liberties, the State and the European Union’

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