Sikh victim of vicious racist attack

Sikh victim of vicious racist attack

Written by: Harmit Athwal

A Sikh human rights activist has been brutally beaten by racists in Coventry.

On 26 September, 34 year-old Jagdeesh Singh was walking home with his 10-year-old nephew from Walsgrave Hospital when he was subjected to a barrage of racist abuse. Two White men then launched a physical attack on Mr Singh – punching him some 30 times, while calling him ‘Bin Laden’ and ‘Paki’.

According to Mr Singh, the attack was the seventh violent racist attack on him in the last ten years, and definitely the worst. ‘On none of these seven occasions has the culprits been punished. They have either escaped or the police have not felt it appropriate to pursue the matter further.’ Mr Singh, who wears a beard and turban, suggested that these visible ‘symbols’ had been the trigger for the attacks.

The latest attack comes at a time, when incidents against Muslims, Sikhs and other visible ethnic minorities are increasing and in recent months, the city of Coventry has been targeted by British National Party propaganda about Muslims and Asians ‘preying on their girls’.

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4 thoughts on “Sikh victim of vicious racist attack

  1. I am a White American married to a loving Indian man Davinder Singh is his name, I can’t believe that there are such peope out there, Indian people have more respect and love in tier hearts then most Americans, I am so happy to say that I’d rather be born and brought up in the Indian culture,People need to be educated about the Indian Culture, Indian people would never Hurt or Kill anyone!! There was alot of Indian people that died on Sept.11th Osama Caused that..He is Muslim NOT INDIAN !!! Thank you for your time. I hope and pray that these racist people wake up and know who thier real enimes are. Tammy Singh.. a very proud Indian Wife.

  2. Will this go on for ever in every nook and corner of the world in this century too? I think such incidents remind us that we should be so strongly united that the world Khalsa Community be at the beck and call of such fellow beings promptly.

  3. Very sad to hear such incidence is still occuring in this modern times.What has gone wrong?This problem will keep occuring until unless each one of us instill love for all mankind.This can change if individuals start to think goodness for one and another.

  4. Uneducated people,people that you can call stupid do these sort of things.All I can say is,people are stupid,literely stupid,no education whatsoever.One day,a day of rising,a day of revenge shall overcome these filthy people,sikhs shall have victory!Wiheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,Wiheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!-Remember 1984,let us never forget racism in our own country,not just abroad,but at home we are at war.

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