Saluting Tony Hall

Saluting Tony Hall


Written by: Harmit Athwal

The anti-racist movement lost its most stalwart cartoonist when Tony Hall died in February 2008. Now a collection of his cartoons has been published with all the proceeds going to his widow, Libby.

Tony was a committed anti-racist and he actually quit a well paid job on a tabloid newspaper because he refused to produce cartoons stereotyping black kids as muggers.

The Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) regularly commissioned Tony to create cartoons on the issues of the day for the bi-monthly CARF magazine. The cartoons were always funny, sometimes, wincingly so – the humour sometimes a little too close to the bone. The illustrations always, in black and white, full of detail, cleverly drawn and observed.

A new book, Tony: A lifetime of cartoons, republishes many of his cartoons from over the years which cover a wide range of issues and historical events, from the miners’ strikes in the ’80s, apartheid in South Africa, the NHS, Tony Blair, the criminal (in)justice system, British foreign policy. No one and no political issue was beyond his razor pen.

Tony’s cartoons were regularly used in publications including Labour Left Briefing, the Teacher, Morning Star, Labour Herald and Newsline. The book is not just a collection to make you laugh or just admire his caustic eye. It is also testimony to the many workers’ and community struggles against injustice and exploitation with which he was associated in the last twenty-five years.

Tony: A lifetime of cartoons, is available from Union Books for £9.99 plus £2 p&p. For further information email:, or phone 020 7232 1101.

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