Resource for opposing deportations

Resource for opposing deportations


Written by: Arun Kundnani

The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) has produced a guide to help individuals, families and supporters who are thinking of starting a campaign.

Since it was established in 1995, NCADC has supported 115 successful campaigns against deportation. Its approach is simple: it gives advice and guidance to help families and individuals win widespread support for their case and eventually to persuade the Home Office to change its mind on an anticipated deportation.

As well as supporting asylum seekers, NCADC has also assisted women who face deportation because they have left violent husbands or employers; people facing separation from their husbands or wives; people in need of medical treatment that is unavailable in the countries to which they are to be deported; and families who have children born in the UK and want to remain here with them.

The campaigning guide that has now been produced by NCADC reflects this experience. Available as a digital file to download from the NCADC website or as a CDROM that can be ordered, the campaigning guide contains 220 pages of advice, information and resources for anyone involved in organising an anti-deportation campaign. There are suggestions on how to publicise the campaign, liaise with legal professionals, deal with the media and build networks of support.

The guide also contains a wealth of leaflets, model letters, petitions and other documents which constitute an archive of recent anti-deportation campaigning history as well as a resource for those working on new campaigns.

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For more information on ordering the campaigning guide, visit the NCADC website.

The campaigning guide costs £5 if ordered as a CDROM or can be downloaded for free from the NCADC website.

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