Reparative histories of redress

Reparative histories of redress

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Written by: Institute of Race Relations

The January 2016 issue of Race & Class is a special issue on the theme of ‘reparative histories’.

In ‘Reparative histories: radical narratives of “race” and resistance’, Cathy Bergin and Anita Rupprecht, organisers of a conference on this theme in 2014, collect a series of essays investigating the complex interactions of history, race, agency, memory and trauma. From the lethal racist policing of black communities in the US to the fanatical policing of national borders by the EU, the faultlines of race and state violence evoke of the violence of racially-based labour practices upon which capitalist modernity was built. This special issue aims to open up a discussion about what it means to turn to history in the appeal for recognition and redress in the present.

The point here is to excavate histories of resistance, solidarity and collectivity as vital for the now.’ Cathy Bergin and Anita Rupprecht

The January 2016 issue includes:



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