Reinforcing neoliberalism?

Reinforcing neoliberalism?

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Written by: Institute of Race Relations

How, asks the January issue of Race & Class, are the principles of neoliberalism reinforced through the racial dimensions of governance, the criminal justice system and the media?

Elizabeth Jones, assistant professor of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville, explores the prolific imposition of fines and fees on urban communities in the US for low-level offences, serving to reinforce race and class inequalities and embed colourblind racism of neoliberalism in criminal justice. IRR director Liz Fekete and criminal justice expert Lee Bridges analyse the weaknesses of the UK’s Lammy Review, into BAME experiences of the criminal justice system, which avoids mention of institutional racism and instead focuses on disproportionality, resulting in episodic analysis that does not addressing the overall system.

In the face of the worst refugee crisis since the second world war, former immigration barrister Frances Webber critically reviews the controversial book, Refuge by Collier and Betts. Webber dismantles the claims made in the book – that allowing refugees into Europe is wrong and controversial – and exposes how corporate, neoliberal solutions to the refugee crisis deny the true causes of the problem. Yiannis Mylonas and Matina Noutsou examine how the principles of neoliberalism and the acceptance of austerity are marketed, by examining the Danish press coverage of the 2015 referendum in Greece.



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