Racial violence after 7 July – week 11

Racial violence after 7 July – week 11

Written by: IRR News Team

Incidents of racial violence and harassment in this, the eleventh week since the London bombings.

  • 21 September 2005: 31-year-old Gareth Lukey admits racially aggravated disorderly conduct after forcing an Asian businessman staying at the same hotel as Lukey to empty out his luggage, while accusing him of hiding a bomb, just days after the London bombings. He is fined £250 and ordered to pay £55 costs. (Wales Daily Post 22.9.05)
  • 21 September 2005: Runcorn World reports that after six incidents of racist graffiti and criminal damage in the Heath and Mersey areas of Liverpool in one week, police will be taking steps to tackle the problem. (Runcorn World 21.9.95)
  • 20 September 2005: Barking & Dagenham Recorder reports that a man wearing a baseball cap racially abuses security staff at a Tesco’s supermarket in Barking. He threatens staff and punches one man in the head. (Barking & Dagenham Recorder 20.9.05)
  • 19 September 2005: An Asian mother, her two sons and a daughter are attacked at their Redditch home. Police are treating the attack as racially motivated and have arrested three men. (Redditch Advertiser 22.9.05)
  • 19 September 2005: In the early hours of the morning, arsonists attack a mosque in Chester; the lawn at the front of the building is set alight damaging the front door. (BBC News 19.9.05)
  • 16 September 2005: Liverpool Echo reports that a woman, whose husband is ‘half Asian’, has the windows of her home in Speke, Liverpool, smashed, and her family has also been racially abused. (Liverpool Echo 16.9.05)
  • 16 September 2005: This is Somerset reports that a mother and her two mixed-race toddlers are racially abused by a group of teenagers in a children’s playground in Glastonbury. (This is Somerset 16.9.05)
  • 15 September 2005: Western Gazette reports that the BNP is planning a leafleting campaign in Yeovil against plans by Yeovil Islamic Society to build a mosque. (Western Gazette 15.9.05)
  • 11 September 2005: Newcastle Sunday Sun reports that Northumbria police have recorded an increase in racially motivated attacks since the London bombings. 130 crimes were recorded following the bombings and 106 in the previous month. (Newcastle Sunday Sun 11.9.05)
  • 9 September 2005: A 23-year-old Iranian asylum seeker suffers a punctured lung after being stabbed in the chest and back by three Black men in Camden, London. (Hampstead & Highgate Express 16.9.05)
  • 9 September 2005: A Worksop shop owned by a Sri Lankan family is vandalised; paint is daubed over a newly renovated fascia. The incident is the latest in a series of attacks on the shop, ranging from racist abuse, racist graffiti and criminal damage. (Worksop Guardian 16.9.05)
  • 8 September 2005: Two men aged 28 and a 26-year-old woman, are pushed and racially abused as they stand talking on street in Chertsey, Surrey. They escape into a house and are followed by the White man who kicks the door. (BBC News 17.9.05)
  • 25 August 2005: A gang of 15 White men attack a Spanish student at McDonalds in Worthing. The suspect who punches the student is described as a skinhead. (Worthing Herald 30.8.05)
  • 23 August 2005: Medway Messenger reports that a 37-year-old Chinese doctor is racially abused and punched and kicked to the ground by a gang of three men and two women. (Medway Messenger 20.9.05)
  • 10 August 2005: A 30-year-old Asian man is stabbed four times and his friend is kicked in the face in a racist attack in Lloyd Park, Walthamsow. The men are playing tennis in the park when they are approached by a White gang of 13 who surround them and racially abuse them. The 30-year-old man suffers two stab wounds to his back, one in his hand and one in his left shoulder, his friend suffers a broken or dislocated jaw. Three teenagers, two 16-year-olds and an 18-year-old are later arrested for racially aggravated GBH. (Chingford Guardian 15.8.05)
  • 23 July 2005: Rev Barry Rathbone has his car vandalised, a wing mirror broken and the car scratched, the words ‘be warned, you’re next Muslim lover’, are also painted on the car. The Boscombe vicar had previously given a TV interview where he expressed concerns about making ordinary Muslims scapegoats for the London bombings. (Dorset Echo 26.7.05)

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The Institute of Race Relations is monitoring racist incidents. Please contact us if you have any information on attacks committed in the wake of the London bombings. Alternatively you can report racist incidents to the police or the Islamic Human Rights Commission or Positive Action in Housing. Both organisations have created an on-line reporting forms that can be filled in anonymously, see the Islamic Human Rights Commission on-line racist incident reporting form and Positive Action in Housing on-line racist incident reporting form.

The Institute of Race Relations is precluded from expressing a corporate view: any opinions expressed are therefore those of the authors.

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