Racial Justice Sunday supports Dale Farm Travellers

Racial Justice Sunday supports Dale Farm Travellers

Written by: Ustiben

Dale Farm residents, who face the bulldozing of their homes by a Tory council, led a procession through St Paul’s Cathedral on 11 September, marking London’s 10th Racial Justice Sunday.

Flanked by Polish, Czech and Bulgarian Roma, along with members of the Peace & Progress Party, Dale Farm chairman Richard Sheridan told a rally outside the cathedral that the eighty-five Traveller families in the settlement still hoped to obtain planning permission from Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

Members of the Trans-European Roma Federation, linking Bulgarian and Czech Roma, and the Roma Support Group, representing Polish Roma, also took part in the service. Speakers included Kieran Conry, president of the Catholic Association for Racial Justice, and Archbishop Gregorios of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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3 thoughts on “Racial Justice Sunday supports Dale Farm Travellers

  1. I have no problem with people wanting to have a place to live. However, planning laws and the “Green Belt” were put in place well before modern “travellers” arrived to ignore them. If people want to live in this country then they should at least respect the laws of its people. If they have no respect for our rules and regulations then as far as Im concerned they have no respect for the law abiding citizens of this land. Integration requires respect for and acceptance of existing rules, not steam rollering over them with whatever suits your own needs better. The democratic process has created these rules. If you dont like them, then conform first and then change by due process. If you are in the right then you will achieve your aims eventually.

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