Race & Class Radio: murals in Palestine; US Homeland Security

Race & Class Radio: murals in Palestine; US Homeland Security


Written by: IRR News Team

The latest broadcast of Race & Class Radio is now available to download.

In the current broadcast of Race & Class Radio, Avery Gordon and Elizabeth Robinson are joined by guests Bill Rolston, discussing the mural paintings of Gaza, and Sabrina Alimahomed on the revolving door between public order and private profit in the US.

Bill Rolston, Director of the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster, guides us through the vibrant tradition of painting murals and graffiti on outdoor walls in the West Bank and Gaza. Mural painting, says Rolston, grew out of the intifada of 1987 and has evolved ever since, covering a number of themes – in particular, freedom and statehood, and the right to return.

Sabrina Alimahomed discusses the US’s fast-growing ‘Homeland Security State’, one of the most privatised areas of US government.  The involvement of the private sector in federal surveillance programmes, she argues, puts the human rights of US Arabs and Muslims at risk.

Race & Class Radio is hosted by No Alibis, a public affairs radio programme produced by Elizabeth Robinson and Avery Gordon that airs weekly on KCSB 91.9 FM Santa Barbara California and webcast at www.kcsb.org.

Both parts are available as free downloads from Sage Publications.


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