Race & Class reading on police racism in the US and the UK

Race & Class reading on police racism in the US and the UK

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The world is waking up to the brutality of police racism following the killing of George Floyd, which has instigated mass protests of resistance. Here we publish a collection of Race & Class articles (all free to download for the next six weeks) on policing and the carceral state in the US and the UK, featuring seminal writers including A. Sivanandan, Angela Davis, Micol Seigel and Lee Bridges.


On the US carceral state


On policing and deaths in custody in the UK


Historical articles on the US


BME deaths in custody graphic by Sujata Aurora, featured in IRR report, Dying for Justice 

Feature image: ‘End Police Brutality’ by Jamelle Bouie, 14 August 2014 via Flikr

Read a twitter thread on the UK articles and the US articles

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