Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal evidence published

Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal evidence published


Written by: IRR News Team

This week sees the publication of How the hostile environment creates sites without rights, a 99-page book containing the testimonies and written submissions heard and read last November by the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal London hearing on violations of migrants’ rights.

The evidence from over forty organisations and individuals – migrants, trades unions, support groups, activists and professionals – provides a unique and comprehensive picture of the policies of ‘intentional cruelty’ comprising the ‘hostile environment’, from upfront charging in the NHS to rip-off immigration fees and the ‘no recourse to public funds’ rule.

The evidence shows how such policies create ‘sites without rights’ and ‘spaces for exploitation’ for migrant workers in all the sectors which cannot be outsourced to the global South – construction, care, hospitality, agriculture and food processing, cleaning and domestic work. But it also demonstrates the growing networks of resistance and solidarity.


Copies of How the hostile environment creates sites without rights are available from IRR, 2-6 Leeke Street, Kings Cross Road, London WC1H 9HS, for £5.00 + £1.32 p&p (UK). Cheques should be made payable to JPIC Links.

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