Now asylum seekers blamed for dwindling fish stocks

Now asylum seekers blamed for dwindling fish stocks

Written by: Arun Kundnani

In a bid to win the anglers’ vote, the British National Party has drawn attention to the declining numbers of carp and roach in the River Lea, Hertfordshire.

In a surprise move, asylum seekers and refugees have been singled out for blame. According to the January issue of the BNP newspaper, Voice of Freedom, illegal immigrants are ‘stealing the fish to either eat or sell to dealers in London’. The paper also draws attention to the sinister use of ‘illegal fishing devices’. However, according to the BNP, this scandal has been hushed up because of political correctness. John Pike, who often fishes on the River Lea, told IRR news, ‘I always thought the BNP were a bit fishy, but this is a load of carp’.

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