No Borders Convergence

No Borders Convergence


Written by: Ryan Erfani-Ghettani

London No Borders, Goldsmiths students and other groups are organising a convergence in London between 13 and 18 February.

The Convergence will draw together a plethora of experiences relating to restrictions on free movement and will provide a space for people to share skills and create strategies for further action.

The Convergence has been set up to combat the ever more extreme measures fortifying European borders in the wake of the global economic crisis. Speaking against the inherent racism of border controls, the groups aim to challenge the hierarchy of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ migrants created by points based systems of managed migration.

The event will provide fertile ground for activists to read and challenge the signs of growing injustices in the border system: increasingly inhumane detention and deportation; fatally militaristic interception of migrant boats; systems of surveillance; and the existence of ‘gentleman’s agreements’ between neighbouring countries to police each other’s borders. According to No Borders those on the wrong side of the border are, in many cases, criminalised and prevented from fleeing the injustices wrought by the free flow of capital.

Rich Edwards, of London No Borders told IRR News: ‘The Convergence will bring together people from across Europe who are united in their resistance to immigration controls. We hope that the Convergence will strengthen networks of resistance and lead to some concrete proposals for joint and autonomous actions in the months and years to come.’

Through seminars and workshops, the No Borders Convergence will provide a vital platform for thought, discussion and strategic action. Days 1-3 of the Convergence will take place in Goldsmiths College in New Cross, days 4-6 will be days of action across London, concluding with the No Borders Carnival starting at midday on Saturday 18 February at St Paul’s.

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