National campaign against anti-terror laws

National campaign against anti-terror laws


Written by: IRR News Team

Community groups across the UK and human rights organisations have come together to campaign against proposed new anti-terror laws.

The Queen’s speech next week is likely to announce a new Counter Terrorism Bill, which will:

  • Extend pre-charge detention in terrorism cases from 28 days to 56 or even 90 days;
  • Seek to create a new offence of gathering information which could be used for terrorism, even where no intention of such use can be proved;
  • Extend powers of surveillance and data exchange between agencies, strengthening existing police state powers;
  • Subject persons under control orders to additional random searches and house invasions;
  • Like the anti-terrorism Acts of 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2006 refer to a broad definition of terrorism which includes even any threat of damage to property, and criminalise ordinary political activities of speech and association.

The National Campaign Against Anti-Terror Powers, which involves over twenty-one organisations, has organised a month of action; a parliamentary lobby is taking place on 29 November, 2007 followed by a public meeting hosted by Lord Rea. To see what action you can take, download the document below.

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