Muslim family experiences sickening hatred – police investigation criticised

Muslim family experiences sickening hatred – police investigation criticised

Written by: The Monitoring Group

The family of Mrs Habiba Mohammed has criticised police handling of a race and religious hate incident in west London. Through representations of The Monitoring Group and their solicitor Imran Khan, they have sought the assistance of a specialist unit at New Scotland Yard, the Racial and Violent Crimes Task Force (DCC4).

Exactly three months ago, on 17th January 2003, 70 year-old, Mrs Mohammed, passed away in Hillingdon Hospital. However, when the family went to view the body, at the hospital mortuary, a day later, they were devastated to see that the body had been deliberately desecrated. Someone had placed un-cooked pieces of bacon on her corpse.

The family spokesperson, Suresh Grover, said, ‘Not only has this family experienced a gruesome and sickening attack at a time when they were grieving and emotionally vulnerable, they have had to endure the agony of a leaderless police inquiry that beggars belief. Sadly this case also illustrates the growth and depth of prejudice against Muslim people in this country, an issue that is either ignored or swept under the carpet by the government. Nevertheless, the family will ensure that justice prevails in the end. ‘

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