Murder of Darfuri student in Sheffield

Murder of Darfuri student in Sheffield


Written by: IRR News Team

Police in Sheffield are investigating the death of 25-year-old Anowar Tagabo, a Darfuri refugee, who died following an attack.

In the early hours of Sunday 25 May 2014, Anowar Tagabo, a peace and development student at Bradford University, was savagely attacked by a group of men and women near the Viper Rooms, Carver Street, Sheffield.

This Darfuri refugee from Sudan, who was visiting the city to attend a wedding, remained in hospital in a critical condition with the serious head injuries he sustained in the attack, and was pronounced dead on Tuesday 3 June. South Yorkshire Police told IRR News that there was nothing to indicate that the attack was a hate crime.

A relative of Anowar Tagabo told IRR News: ‘Anowar escaped from the ongoing war in Darfur and chosen this lovely country to study peace and development, because he loved peace and was always looking to help vulnerable people, and being attacked and killed in such circumstances we, as a family are beyond pain.’

After the death, a Darfurian Community spokesperson commented: ‘We are struggling to understand why these offenders are still at large when the police had already been notified by the doctor from the first day that Anowar was unlikely to survive from the head injury he sustained in the attack.


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One thought on “Murder of Darfuri student in Sheffield

  1. This lovely man was doing good things in his life, only for morons to think they can spout their hatred and anger on innocents.

    I hope these culprits are caught soon – justice for the deceased, and to help the family in getting answers and closure as to what happened and why to their beloved Anowar Tagabo.

    May his soul rest in peace. Amen

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