Migrant Voice election special

Migrant Voice election special


Written by: IRR News Team

The second edition of a new newspaper, highlighting the voices of migrants, is an election special.

The latest edition of Migrant Voice is a 2010 election special. It includes pieces on migrant workers and the need for greater employment protection, the detrimental impacts of the new points based system for international students, the impact on families and children of the UK’s immigration detention policies and racism within the UK Border Agency. It aims, during the run up to the election and amidst much political debate on immigration, to provide a counterbalance to the way migrants are often represented across large parts of the media and by politicians.

The newspaper Migrant Voice is produced by the migrant-led organisation of the same name. It works to ensure that the voices of those most affected by the national debate on immigration, migrants themselves, are heard, both within the media and at a policy-making level.

Nazek Ramadan, the Editor in Chief, describes Migrant Voice in her latest editorial as ‘a platform for members of migrant communities, especially those whose voices are not usually heard, to express their views on the issues affecting their lives in the UK’.

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