Memory and hope: new perspectives on the Kashmir conflict

Memory and hope: new perspectives on the Kashmir conflict

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Written by: IRR News Team

The latest issue of Race & Class, ‘Memory and hope’, contains a special section on the possibilities for peace and autonomy in Kashmir.

r&cAs the ceasefire along the Line of Control breaks down and Pakistani and Indian troops are involved in a new outbreak of hostilities causing 20,000 civilians to flee their homes, Race & Class publishes the views of Kashmiri scholars and activists on the country’s history and possibilities for peace and autonomy.

Guest edited by anthropologist Shubh Mathur, the articles in this Race & Class draw upon new voices and new research which have transformed understandings of the conflict, placing the Kashmiri experience centre stage, rather than the competing narratives of Indian and Pakistani territorial and nationalist ambitions.

The October 2014 issue includes:


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