Let’s talk to the media

Let’s talk to the media


Written by: Danny Firth

A practical media guide for refugee community organisations and practitioners has been published by the Refugee Media Group in Wales.

Refugee and asylum issues are too often portrayed negatively by certain UK media. And this is not simply a problem confined to the tabloids. Lets Talk to the Media aims to provide refugee community organisations with some practical tips to deal with the media directly, including:

  • building and maintaining constructive relationships with the media;
  • writing press releases and undertaking media interviews;
  • conducting media monitoring.

The booklet also has some useful ‘what worked for us’ sections and guidance on interviewing refugee women. Importantly, it provides guidelines to help journalists challenge some of the common myths that can be found in the media.

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A copy of Let's Talk to the Media can be obtained from the Refugee Media Group in Wales, email: bucolliv@cardiff.ac.uk

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