Kurdish journalist victim of mob attack in Islington

Kurdish journalist victim of mob attack in Islington

Written by: David Morgan

A prominent Kurdish journalist has been the victim of a racist attack in London, while covering a story for his newspaper.

The journalist, who has asked not to be named but is well known among North London’s Kurdish community, was the victim of an unprovoked assault by a gang of white youths on Thurday evening, 6 March 2003, outside Angel underground station. He suffered a heavy beating as he was pushed to the ground, kicked repeatedly in the body and hit in the face. During the attack, he was also racially abused and called a ‘foreigner’.

A number of people passed by as the attack was taking place on the busy and fashionable Islington High Street, but no one intervened. Although badly bruised, he appears not to have suffered any permanent physical injury.

He has chosen not to report the assault to the police as he believes that they cannot now offer any practical assistance.

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