John Carlos visits the IRR

John Carlos visits the IRR


Written by: IRR News Team

Earlier this week, the legendary John Carlos, visited the IRR.

In a meeting arranged by the RMT union, John Carlos, Dave Zirin (co-author of The John Carlos Story) and Mark Kurupt Stoddart (marketing) met with the IRR’s staff, management and volunteers.

Later that same day John Carlos spoke at a packed public meeting at Friends House in central London, which was also addressed by Doreen Lawrence (mother of Stephen Lawrence), Janet Alder (sister of Christopher Alder), Samantha and Marcia Rigg (sisters of Sean Rigg), Farhad Ansari (Babar Ahmad Campaign), Dave Zirin, Unjum Mirza (RMT), Matt Wrack (FBU) and Weyman Bennett (UAF). See links below for footage of the event.

Pictured is the IRR’s Chair Colin Prescod with John Carlos at the IRR.

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