Investigated or ignored? on Race & Class radio

Investigated or ignored? on Race & Class radio


Written by: IRR News Team

The latest broadcast of Race & Class radio is now available to download.

In the latest Race & Class radio show, focusing on the July-September 2014 issue, Harmit Athwal and Jon Burnett discuss the IRR’s recent report Investigated or ignored? on race-related deaths since the Macpherson Report. Their findings show that racial motivation is often still ignored, downplayed or not acknowledged by criminal justice agencies.

Race & Class radio airs every three months, highlighting articles from the IRR’s international journal published quarterly by Sage. It is produced by Avery F. Gordon and Elizabeth Robinson for No Alibis, a public affairs radio programme that airs weekly on KCSB 91.9 FM Santa Barbara California from 9-11 am PST and webcasts at


Listen to Race & Class radio on Investigated or Ignored here

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