Gatwick No Border Camp

Gatwick No Border Camp


Written by: IRR News Team

Next week, campaigners will begin three days of action and campaigning at a protest camp near Brook House, a new removal centre for asylum seekers at Gatwick airport.

Organisers say: ‘The camp, the first of its kind in the UK, will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, with numerous workshops, panels and other activities.’

When building began on Brook House in July 2007, Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said: ‘Last year we deported an illegal immigrant every eight minutes, removals of failed asylum seekers hit a record high and we’ve doubled the pace we’re removing foreign national prisoners. Building this new removal centre at Gatwick sends a very clear message to those here illegally. We’ll do everything we can to send you home.’ Brook House is the eleventh removal centre in the UK and is situated within the boundary fence of Gatwick Airport and near Tinsley House and has been described as a ‘purpose-built secure facility with 426 male and female detention bedspaces’. It is being developed for the Home Office by BAA Lynton on behalf of the Airport Property Partnership, (a joint venture between BAA Limited and Morley Fund Management).

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