From Camus to Covid-19

From Camus to Covid-19

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Written by: Race & Class


The April 2021 issue contains important insights on Covid-19, the marginalisation of indigenous groups in Argentina and the lived experiences of half-widows in Kashmir.


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Covid-19 intensifies other social catastrophes, feeding on the ruins of structural inequality and the racism that condemns the marginalised to loss of agency, social apartheid and disposability, argues Ahmed Kabel and Robert Phillipson in their lead article ‘Structural violence and hope in catastrophic times’ for the April issue. Covid-19 has lain bare the ‘necropolitics of neoliberalism’ – its power to dictate life and death undergirded by racialised, class, gendered and neocolonial logics.

These are key insights continued in ‘Covid-19 and the marginalisation of indigenous groups in Argentina’ by Benjamin Haas, Tobias Monch and Lara Cervi who show how the pandemic has reinforced the stigmatisation and exclusion of indigenous groups in Argentina and intensified practices of spatialised marginalisation. They crucially show how extractivist projects like soybean cultivation and mining have been and continue to be a pillar of the Argentine economy, with deforestation causing pollution, impoverishment and the displacement of communities.

Another group of people whose suffering remains very rarely acknowledged is ‘half-widows’ in Kashmir, whose husbands have been disappeared by the state, leaving women in an unresolved and perpetual state of grief, with legal, economic, social and psychological impacts. Building on interviewers exploring the lived-experiences of half-widows, three scholars show how the suffering experienced by women in conflict zones goes beyond death, rape and devastation.




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