Roots of Racism is now free to download

Roots of Racism is now free to download

Press Release

Written by: Institute of Race Relations


In response to the increasing demand from young students to re-evaluate Britain’s true ‘Island Story’ and the growing politicised opposition to the objective (re)telling of slavery and colonialism, we are delighted to release a digital version of our pioneering educational booklet, ‘Roots of Racism’ for free download.

Originally published almost forty years ago, the intention of this pioneering educational booklet is as valid today as then. To

  • Re-examine basic assumptions and accepted values;
  • Show that civilisations rise and fall and none is ‘superior’ for all time;
  • Expose the myths of European ‘discovery’, European pre-eminence in ability, inventiveness or level of achievement;
  • Demonstrate the undeniable link between the growth and development of racism and the processes of the economic system.


Roots of Racism is the first in a series of four educational booklets published by the Institute of Race Relations in the 1980s to replace a tepid multiculturalism with an objective and anti-racist history education that would provide young people with the tools for assessing contemporary attitudes, issues and orthodoxies.

A vital resource for teachers, educators and all young people wanting to learn and engage with Britain’s true history and anti-racist traditions.

Two other books in the series; Patterns of racism and How racism came to Britain are available to buy in hard copy from our website.

The Institute of Race Relations is precluded from expressing a corporate view: any opinions expressed are therefore those of the authors.

One thought on “Roots of Racism is now free to download

  1. I first used this book as.a teaching resource shortly after it was published. I was teaching in an inner London primary school at that time – when we still had freedom to be relevant and constructive with the curriculum. I am sorry to see it is out of print at Amazon.

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