Free anti-racist training workshops for community groups

Free anti-racist training workshops for community groups

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Written by: Institute of Race Relations, Institute of Race Relations

The IRR is running a series of training workshops for community groups.

Community-based and other voluntary groups working with refugee, BME and newly-arrived migrants are invited to apply for places at a series of afternoon workshops organised by the Institute of Race Relations starting in May.

These are practical workshops on the media, immigration and racial violence, which allow for the exchange of experiences between communities, consultation with professionals working in the field and provide information and suggestions for effective campaigning across a range of issues.

Applicants may apply for each workshop individually or to attend all three. They are free of charge but space is limited and bookings are accepted on a first come first served basis.

Dealing with the media – Friday 29 May

BME community groups often complain that the mainstream media misrepresent their concerns and ignore their agendas. This workshop is designed to give community organisations the knowledge and skills to be able to work effectively with the mainstream and minority media, and to ensure that their concerns and agendas are properly represented. Facilitator: Arun Kundnani (editor, Race & Class).

The workshop will enable those who are part of or are working with BME groups or newly arrived asylum seeking, refugee or migrant communities:

  • to exchange views with other groups with similar experiences;
  • to be informed of the advantages and disadvantages, the risks and dangers involved in working with different media organisations;
  • to learn how to make the most effective use of the media;
  • to work together on media strategies and to learn from each other.
Dealing with immigration detention, deportation and removal – Friday 12 June

There has been an explosion in the use of immigration detention – particularly against refused asylum seekers – and deportation of non-British citizens convicted of even minor criminal offences, including refugees and people who have lived here for thirty years or more. Over 50,000 people are now removed annually. This workshop is designed to provide relevant information and effective strategies to enable community groups to deal with immigration detention, including medical and legal issues which arise, or where a community campaign is needed to fight a deportation decision. The speakers have a wealth of expertise and experience in dealing with political, legal, medical and social issues around detention and deportation. Speakers include:

  • Harmit Athwal (IRR) on campaigning issues;
  • Fizza Qureshi (Project London at Medecins du Monde) on access to health care;
  • Liz Fekete (IRR) on campaigns around children;
  • Frances Webber (barrister) on bringing the community into the courtroom.
Dealing with racial violence – Friday 26 June

This workshop is designed to provide community organisations with the information, contacts and skills required to enable effective action to be taken against racial violence and over problems with policing. Speakers include:

  • Jenny Bourne (IRR) on institutional racism and racial violence;
  • Cilius Victor (Newham Monitoring Project, United Families and Friends Campaign), on community organising for police accountability.

To book your place or obtain further details, call Harmit on 020 7837 0041 or email Harmit Athwal:

The Institute of Race Relations is precluded from expressing a corporate view: any opinions expressed are therefore those of the authors.

One thought on “Free anti-racist training workshops for community groups

  1. I hope to arrange a talk with British Computer Society at their premises to highlight the problems of ‘on line grooming’. It would be interesting to know the views of service providers and if they feel they have any responsibility for detecting any problems.
    I also want to combine this with advice for parents.

    Can you recommend a speaker who could give us advice and talk about race relationship at the session.
    Possible date 28th October 6.30 – 8.00 pm

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