Films explore risks to women

Films explore risks to women


Written by: Nicky Road

The Need to Know Campaign exposes global acts and practices that harm women.

Animage Films produce animation films to raise awareness about harmful practices against women worldwide. With the collaboration and support of UK and international charities they have produced several film campaigns. The two most recent are Two Little Girls and A Dangerous Journey.  Each project is developed through careful research and by engaging those with direct experience.

Two Little Girls, for example, was made in consultation with a group of Albanian women who were trafficked to the UK and agreed to share their experiences with the filmmakers.  Their stories reflect the two most common ways Eastern European women and girls are tricked and lured from their families and homes.

By producing these films, Animage hopes to: help alert potential targets vulnerable to these practices; expose the extent of these crimes against women and girls; mobilise opinion and convert this into action; and empower people to use the films to raise awareness against the abuse of women.

Two Little Girls

In 2008 Animage, with the funding of UK funders including Comic Relief, Esmée Fairbairn and the Tudor Trust, produced this three minute animated film about sex trafficking of young women to the UK from Eastern Europe. The film is aimed specifically at the potential victims of sex-trafficking and acts both as a powerful and accessible tool for the prevention of trafficking, as well as a tool for increasing public awareness about this very difficult subject.

The campaign is currently active in thirteen countries in Eastern Europe. Discussions around trafficking take place via workshops with young people in schools and social institutions, teacher training courses, workshops for journalists, lawyers and education specialists.  In some countries the film has been screened by national and local TV stations.

In the UK and Ireland Two Little Girls has been distributed by organisations including the NSPCC as well as forming part of a touring exhibition about sex trafficking.

A Dangerous Journey

Animage, in collaboration with FPWP Hibiscus, has also produced this six-minute animated film, which aims to warn young African women of the dangers of being coerced and tricked into prostitution by traffickers who use scare tactics and false promises. A Dangerous Journey campaign was launched in the UK in October 2012 followed by a launch in Nigeria and other countries.

All Animage films are distributed free of charge through a number of websites.


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