‘Deadly detention’ protests

‘Deadly detention’ protests

Written by: Harmit Athwal

Over the weekend, 31 July/ 1August, campaigners held demonstrations against ‘deadly detention’ outside detention centres and prisons across UK. These were organised after two asylum seekers were found hanged, one in Harmondsworth and another in Dungavel.

As a result, protests were held on Saturday at Campsfield and Dover removal centres and outside Liverpool Prison. The next day, demonstrations were held at HMP & YOI Forest Bank in Manchester and at Dungavel removal centre in Scotland. (See NCADC picture story)

Campaigners called attention to the plight of asylum seekers held in detention, who, quite often, do not understand why they are being detained as they have not been accused of any crime. The actions were held to commemorate the needless deaths and to show solidarity with detainees, and to demand an end to the indefinite detention of men, women and children who are not accused of any crime.

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